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I found a new webcomic. Okay, I didn't find it per se. I got it from either Questionable Content or Ctrl-Alt-Del (I can't remember), but it's pretty good. It's called Least I Could Do. I like the comic, but I'm not sure I like the main character. Anyway, I thought some peepz on the f-list would enjoy it.

Not much going on today.  They didn't  schedule me for Saturday, so I'm again considering transferring to find a CB with steadier business, or maybe even applying for the manager job after all, even though go to school to teach.

Kitty has a new tower to climb on and another toy that he's crazy about.  I might put a vid up sometime.  I guess I could also put videos up of something other than the cat, too.

We made a lot of cookies tonight and got to use our KitchenAid mixer finally.  Pretty neat.  I've also almost finished my fourth load of laundry.  I've never gotten that much done in one day and still folded them all and put them away.  I get tired and leave them in the basket for days, usually.  I'm ready for bed.

We watched the Adams Family tonight and were reminded once again that we don't want a normal family.  We want weird kids that recite Shakespeare with stage blood fights.  I'm already getting excited about Halloween.  I even bought a family magazine with craft ideas.  To be fair it also had good recipes and organization tips.  I think I'm officially domesticated.

So, though it wasn't the point of inviting people to my graduation, I was able to get a modest sum of money in gifts for my graduation.  It is and still remains my goal to save this money (including my CN account balance refund check) for use when looking for a place to live.  However, I think that (being that my post-undergraduate goal is to get healthy) a purchase for fitness is a good idea.  That being said, we bought a Wii.

Yes, I know I don't need a Wii to get fit.  However, with Wii Fit coming out next week, I really feel that it could make exercise a little bit more fun.  That, and as much as I love my 360 (and prefer it over any other console I've ever owned), because the XBOX doesn't have good party games, it won't go unused.

I'm actually excited about Wii Fit.

I am also excited about the BSA job.  I have my final interview either tomorrow or Wednesday.  I really feel that I have this job.  I requested my transcript to be sent to them today.

Jefferson City is a ghost town currently, even with Mayterm starting today.  It's great not having people coming over all the time to the honors house.  Actually, not even my roommates were here this past weekend.  Val and I did absolutely nothing, really.  I slept in for the first time in weeks.  We played video games and watched some tv.  We finally saw Sweeney Todd, too, which is a surprisingly funny movie.

I'm currently cooking a lasagna which smells great, but is taking a long time.

I feel like I accomplished a lot of things today. 
  • Mailed thank you cards for graduation gifts
  • Mailed RSVP card for David and Brittany's wedding (regretfully declined)
  • Mailed Amber and Nick a congratulations card (Waylon was born Saturday!)
  • Requested the transcript for the BSA job
  • Picked up my refund check

Tomorrow, my goals include:
  • Pick up my paycheck
  • Drop off my post-graduation plans form to Alumni relations
  • Return a textbook to Dr. Bass
  • Get my N64 console and games from my Dad's house
  • List console and games on Ebay or Half.com
Ho hum.  That's it for now, I guess.  I'm going to eat, balance my checkbooks, and probably play some Sims 2 Pets.

Tin roof. Rust.

I bet you guys think I've forgotten about you. Well, I haven't. Wow, I think I've posted less this month than any other since I first got on LJ.

Life is pretty good for me right now. Nothing to really complain about. I watched Failure to Launch the other night with Shellton and my dad. It was surprisingly good for a movie made recently. Most movies out are lacking in many ways.

Let's see. I'm bored at work, but that's pretty standard.

Got a lot of plans for the upcoming weeks. Valerie is coming over tomorrow evening. I think we're going to try cooking again. Monday is everybody's day off, so she and I are planning to go to the lake with Milton, Shelly, and my dad. Then we cook out. I'm really looking forward to it.

Tuesday is another day off for me. I'm currently planning on going to scout camp for the day. It's been so long since I've done anything with the scouts, and I'm still a member (although it's dead, I'm still technically the Venture Crew President). I miss camping and even scouts a little. I may try to help get the Venture Crew going again. It'll give me an excuss to camp more often.

That evening, I have tentative plans to see my mom, since she lives fairly near camp.

Saturday is the ginormous Stoetzel/Groppe family reunions. All of my grandmother's children will be there, except my mom. So that's nine children, their spouses, their children and their children's spouses, and all the bazzillion grandchildren. Although my mother won't be there, Valerie plans to join me. So I'm excited about that. I'd like her to meet my aunts, especially Judy. And I'm sure Ash wouldn't mind meeting her since I talk about her so much.

Mom can't go because Jim is having surgery soon. He's really afraid that he won't wake up...that the anesthesia alone will kill him. It makes me feel bad for the things I've said about him. I don't want him to die, but I do want my mom to have a life again. I'm just not prepared for her to be crying constantly again like when i moved out, and then when her parents died, and then again when Mike left her. She just deserves so much more than sitting in that house all day and continuing her life-long curse of tip-toeing around to placate a man.

What she needs most is to see her family, from whom she feels alienated. But can she? Nope.

But I can see family. And that's good enough for me. I'm really freaking excited about Saturday the 8th. It's Sophia's first birthday party! I get to see her! Amber's coming into town, and they're having the party AT MY HOUSE. And by party, I mean bash. The guest list has, like 50 people, including the possibility of some Hollywood types, given their usual crowd.

We should probably get the house painted before then. Maybe I'll work on the Tuesday instead. Or next Sunday.

Then the following Thursday is China, which I'm not even thinking about yet. I can't ever get excited about something like that in advance. And there's the inevitable freak out that will come before the excitement.

Well, I sure am rambling, aren't I?


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